Migrant Anganwadi workers

Irrespective of claims made by the government in having and continuing to do a lot for popularising and promoting the ”Anganwad” and the related workers as also opening up of more centres across the country and even up-gradation of these centres, there are scores of migrant Anganwadi workers who have been denied their monthly honorariums for the last more than two years. These hapless workers have been moving from pillar to post for getting their dues released but it is leant that the central government has not released the requisite funds in favour of the UT government meant for such category of workers, so far.
While on account of the clarification given by the UT concerned authorities in context of representation made by these workers, puts the ball in the court of the central government and agreeably the UT government is not ”responsible” but the moot question is as to why it has not articulated the case of these workers in such a way so as to have the funds released which will not be that high in amount. It is unfortunate that from no quarter, an initiative be taken. After all, what fault is theirs as the central government is reported to have not released funds since 2019. That surely denotes that somewhere there is either a communication gap or the case has not been effectively put forth by the UT government for getting the funds released. We hope, the plight of these poor workers will soon be over and their dues released at the earliest since despite denied their dues for three consecutive years, they continue to perform their duties which should be appreciated.