MGNREGA works and cement supply

Non supplying of cement has resulted in a serious situation leading to many works getting stalled in all the Rural Development Blocks in the four districts of Jammu region including Kathua, Udhampur, Samba and Jammu. This situation is continuing without any change whatsoever for the last five months. Various guidelines in respect of the scheme are not strictly followed.
Labour component – material ratio of accepted levels in 60;40 has not been found maintained as per guidelines in the concerned DDOs , instead it has been observed that many BDOs have crossed the limit of 70 percent in terms of material component including cement , steel, tiles, etc due to unknown reasons. Other guidelines too are not adhered to. All the material required like cement, steel, crates etc is to be procured from the Government agencies including SICOP,  JAKFED, JK Cements, NCC etc. As per guidelines, all the ACDs   have to lift the quota of cement in bulk as per the demand projected by the BDOs from these agencies. On the contrary, for the last five months most of the works in the Blocks falling in the districts under reference have been suspended.
Huge liability worth over Rs. 300 crore of SICOP, JAKFED  and other agencies, has not been cleared and continues to remain pending as a result of which these agencies have stopped supplying material as they were demanding clearance of their dues pending for the last many years.
Since supplying of material is stopped in these districts, many works being executed in various blocks of these four districts have been suspended. The mess of things created in respect of MGNREGA works has resulted in the mist around the entire mechanism and the resultant sufferers being the general public. Who is responsible for all this confusion and messing up of things must face the ire of the concept of accountability so that in future care is taken so that none of the works gets suspended or affected. In the meantime, the stalemate is required to be resolved to enable works get restarted and with the speed to compensate for the loss of time.