Metro rail for Jammu

Many times we have hinted in these columns that considering the geography, location, concentration of population and impossibility of expanding even main streets of Jammu city, it would be advisable to focus attention on construction of either a tramway or metro. Tramway is in vogue in many European cities but since it is maintained and managed with great technological skill and acumen, these are excellent means of communication. However, in modern concept of city transport metro has been considered more comfortable and climate conducive.
It is good that the Government has taken the initiative of building metro line in the city and for this purpose two corridors in Phase-I from Kheri to Exhibition Ground (11 km) and Barnai to Bari Brahmana Railway Station (25 km) are under consideration. Evidently, policy planners, town planners, technocrats and many more agencies of the Government will join heads to approve the final draft plan. We do not rule out the possibility of the Government seeking technical advice from the builders of Delhi Metro to iron out angularities which might crop up when actual plan is floated. However, we expect the project to go through all stages smoothly and overcome any bottlenecks that would appear. The important point to understand is that the metro essentially serves the densely populated districts of a town because the purpose is to reduce the crowded markets and traffic jams. Ultimately the Government will have to take into consideration these densely populated localities and their geography to ensure maximum reduction of crowding and maximum funds generating process. Although two lines are under consideration, but certainly more lines will have to be built and the plan should be such as would generate funds without dependence of subsidies from the Government except for initial stages. We learn that almost all important aspects of metro railway like expected cost, routes, rail stations, over head bridges and construction technology etc. have been brought under discussion with technical expertise from RITES. It is the right thing to do. All stake holders will have to ensure that Jammu Metro when taken for building is placed in the hands of an exceptionally qualified and experienced company so that no flaws and complicacies are left. People of Jammu hail the step taken by the Government and their only concern at the time is that the project should be undertaken when the schedule is drawn and brought to completion according to time schedule.