Menon to release joint working group report on cyber security

NEW DELHI, Oct 12: National Security Advisor Shivshankar  Menon will release the report of a joint working group (JWG)  on engagement with the private sector on cyber security on  Monday here.
The JWG has identified the principles and objectives that  would underpin the overall framework and roadmap for PPP on  cyber security.
India’s current economic, social and infrastructure development process is making greater use of ICT for bringing transformation. However, this dependence on ICT makes the country vulnerable to cyber attacks that can have serious implications for both, the nation and economy. This underlines the urgent need to address
the risks emanating from operating in cyber space.
Given that the private sector leads the development and adoption of ICT, a need was felt that the government and private sector collaborate and work together to overcome the challenges  of cyber security.
Keeping this in view, the government had set up a JWG under the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) to work out the details of the roadmap for engagement with the private sector on  cyber security.
This JWG included representatives of both the government and the private sector. The JWG had constituted sub-groups with representatives of government and the private sector to flesh out the details of such engagement.
Based on the inputs from these sub-groups, JWG finalised its recommendations.
The JWG has recommended a roadmap for PPP on cyber security which includes setting up of an institutional framework,  capacity-building in the area of cyber security, development of cyber security standards and assurance mechanisms, augmentation of testing and certification facilities for IT products.
The government would work collaboratively with the private sector in successful implementation of the above JWG recommendations to strengthen the cyber security in the country. (UNI)


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