Memorial for martyrs

Ranjit Parihar
After having ruined the heavenly land of Kashmir, Pakistan trained militants marched successfully towards Doda district of Jammu region in during nineties . As a result, this region too got engulfed by the fire of separatism.
In Jammu and Kashmir when Pak based inhuman Jehadis cleared the valley of original inhabitants national forces (Kashmiri Pandits) , they eyed erstwhile Doda District which include Kishtwar and Ramban districts because they knew people here are fiercely nationalist and if they are uprooted there will be no resistance at other places.
Different terrorist organizations who were operating in the area under a anti national conspiracy hatched by Pakistan resulted in selective killings of minority community and executed dozens of massacres of thoses who were associated with Pro Indian organizations or who were raising voice against anti national elements which ultimately resulted in migration of minority and nationalist forces from far flung hilly area of erstwhile Doda .All these anti-national activities, sabotage and subversion, were taking place in broad day light. More than this they indulged in massacre of the people, they deemed a, challenge.
To rectify this situation and weld the common people into an invisible force and stop mass exodus during nineties there came nationalist leadrs like Anil Parihar, Ajit Parihar, Chander Kant Sharma, Satish Bhandari , Chaman Shan, Sewa Ram, Parveen Gupta alias Sheru , Advocate Santosh Thakur , Ruchir Kumar Koul and many others on the scene. They enthused people to the extent that they felt convinced that with their available self defense weapons and patriotism they can give befitting reply to militants . The example of unmatched velour was witnessed when people along with these leaders started openly opposing anti national forces who were earlier forcefully execution there programmes here threatening people .
To give terrorist a befitting reply these nationalist forces launched “Doda Bachoo Andolan” in ninenties demanding setting up of village defence committee , formation of SOG and handing over Doda to army. As a result of which SOG and VDC’s were formed in militancy infested district . National forces without taking care of their lives helped security forces and openly resisted against nefarious design of terrorist time to time. Due to this policy migration of minority community stopped from here and militancy got crushed. If the people here had not not given their martyrdom for nation situation in rest of state would have been different.
Here is a brief history of selective killings and massacre executed by terrorist in erstwhile Doda district to spread reign of terror . On 19 Dec 1992 BJP leader Advocate Santosh Thakur was Martyred by terrorist in Doda town . On 10th May 1993, Satish Bhandari Ji, State Secretary of Hindu Raksha Samiti was martyred by terrorists in Kishtwar .
After few months later, terrorists again martyred another social worker Parveen Gupta on 26 Dec 1993 in the heart of city who was the only son of his father and mother . On the directions of Pakistan, terrorist struck in Bhaderwah and killed political leader Ruchir Kumar Koul on 7th June 1994 . After this incident terrorist killed Pawan Sen on 21 June 1995 and then a Government Health department employee Chaman Lal Shan on May 9 1998 .
Beside these selective killings during three decade long militancy militants, Martyred Anil and his brother Ajit Parihar who was State BJP state Secretary on Ist November 2018 and after few month another selective killing was executed by terrorists of Chander Kant Sharma who was a social worker and Health Deptt Employee. They were martyred because they were nationalist and were supporting democratic process and working for strengthening nationalism .
Beside these selective killings, militants executed several massacre .The killings started on 14 August 1993 when militants sprayed bullets with their automatic weapons on 14 members of a minority community after dragging them out of a passenger bus on the Sarthal Link Road in Kishtwar. On 17 April 1998 in Prankote and Dakikote terrorist massacred 26 minority community people . On 19 June 1998 in Chapnari massacre terrorist massacred 25 people of minority community . On 3 August 2001 terrorist massacred 17 villagers of minority community in village Ladder near Kishtwar .
On 30 April 2006 terrorist again hatched a plan and massacred 35 members of minority community in two separate attacks. In the first attack twenty two unarmed members of minority community mostly shepherds or their families, were lined up and gunned down by terrorists in Thawa village in Kulhand area of Doda district .The second attack in the neighbouring Lalon Galla village in Basantgarh area of Udhampur district, in which 35 Hindu shepherds kidnapped by suspected terrorists were shot dead on the same day.
But is quite amazing that all these martyrdoms and massacres were forgotten by politicians and Government too who never did anything to recognize these martyrdom nor did anything for the welfare of there kiths and kins . No one cares for such nationalist forces. Neither any social nor any political outfits Came forward but were taking credit at the time of martyrdom of people nor Government recognized martyrdom of nationalist forces who remained worst suffers during thirty years long turmoil in the state and saved entire region from anti national forces .
Government neither provide any special package nor even built memorial in their memory to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who attained martyrdom.
On 01 Nov 2020 we are having Parihar brothers Martydom day. Both the brothers Anil and Ajit Parihar attained Martydom for nation two years back . Anil Parihar who was BJP State Secy was gunned down because he was working for strengthening nationalism and democratic values in erstwhile Doda district and came on the radar of terrorist as he raised voice against 35 A and 370 articles.
On the second Martydom of Parihar brothers majority of people living here are raising their demand that a memorial on the lines of Jallianwala Bagh be built in the memory of leaders and innocent people killed during the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism era at district and State