Memoir of a journalist- some Lessons

O P.Sharma
Name of Book : Instant History_ A Memoir of Anil Maheshwari
Author : Anil Maheshwari
Publisher : Bloomsbury,Vasaant Kunj, New Delhi

The book entitled ” Instant History-A Memoir” by a seasoned journalist, Anil Maheshwari who has served as Special Correspondent of English national daily, Hindustan Times, in Jammu and Kashmir as well as elsewhere across the country especially Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh and other major towns. He has authored this volume which gives glimpses of the time and events of that period of history. This 338-page book depicts graphic account of the events of that period. The author, whom I had opportunity of some brief meetings really can recall the objectivity and accuracy of his coverage of social, political, cultural and economic matters dispassionately to the possible extent.
Objective Reporting
It was K B Jandial, ex-IAS officer who served as DIPR of J&K State, informed me about this volume and also motivated me to write a review of this valuable work as an instant history penned by a senior Press person during a crucial period reporting from the ground zero. Mr Maheshwari, who has remained SpeciaL Correspondent of The Hindustan Times, New Delhi in the sensitive Jammu and Kashmir has already authored another book titled ” Crescent over Kashmir”.
This present book under review is, in fact, narration of events, reporting of complex public matters as also issues and hardships of the journalistic profession. Mr Maheshwari has spent life-time in the profession and gained vast experience and his writings have some lessons for almost all the people. His language is simple and straight-forward and he writes reporting with facts and figures as the reporting in the print or electronic channels is like narrating instantly history but the actual writing of history takes longer period for the heat of event, dust on the facts to be removed and put the entire happenings to proper perspective and historical settings and context.
Keen Observer
The author, as keen observer of men and matters has expressed his opinion without fear or favour, the apt quality of of a true professional ! While commenting on the dynamic Public Relations qualities of K B Jandial who headed Information and PR set-up in Jammu and Kashmir, he has expressed good word for Mr Jandial whom he described as man of letters and one who discharged his duties exceptionally well even with meager resources in the then J&K State.
The Instant History-A Memoir by Anil Maheshwari is a good publication and it will be a pleasure and profit for the all the readers, especially those connected with the journalistic profession, academicians and even the general public.