Megha and family

Sunil R P Sethi
Megha and Sudhir were living happily since their marriage five years back and were blessed with a beautiful daughter- Rati two and half  years back. Both were doting parents and Rati was their lifeline . After birth of Rati , Megha left her job as engineer in a big multinational construction house to spend more time with Rati and to take care of her. Their financial conditions got a jolt as there was only one earning member in the family now  but they were both happy for the company of their Angel.
One day, probably it was Friday.  They had planned to go out when, Megha saw blood from side of mouth of Rati . She was so terrified . With her heart in mouth she took Rati to doctor . Next month was mostly spent running around from their place to Delhi for getting complete checkup of Rati . Final results came a month after start of ordeal ……Rati was suffering from blood cancer at an advanced stage.
Megha was a strong woman and she didn’t break down like her husband who was totally shattered. He spent his  whole nights  by him looking at roof . He was looking like a mad man . It was Megha who was doing all running around . She had to fight for her daughter ..the fight which had been thrust upon her by God to test her patience and resolve .
There was no long term solution to problem except whole body blood transfusion every six months . However, there was still hope that Rati can survive . How long would be long enough was still a big question mark .  Next year they had two blood transfusion circles but general condition of little angel worsened . They were referred to top cancer institute in Mumbai where a lot of research work was also going on for new treatments in cancer .
They were told by Doctor Nanda in Mumbai of possibility of permanent treatment through placenta stem cell which required use of placenta of patient . But placenta of Rati was not preserved in stem call bank, however there was another possibility of Megha and Sudhir planning another baby whose placenta can be used to cure Rati permanently from the dreaded disease . It looked so fine on papers . But she remembers the complicacy in her first pregnancy and words of her Gynaecologist ” Don’t conceive another baby ever . That will be serious threat to your life ” .
She and Sudhir thought about all this for many weeks . He didn’t want to take risk of her life but she had no choice . She had to take risk even if it meant end of road for her.
She couldn’t allow her Angel to live half and uncertain life . They again went to Gynaecologist to have complete check up and their fear was confirmed. She was suffering from   pre eclampsia   which could have raised her blood pressure during delivery to such level that she couldn’t  survived . Doctor told her what she was planning was plain suicide and 26 years was no age to put her to situation where there could be practically low chance of survival .
Doctor was advising as per medical norms which were perfectly correct but heart of mother knew only one truth ….Love for Child unconditionally. She conceived in due course and Sudhir was all along praying for survival of both of his lifelines . He was praying to God to stand with mother fighting for child at least once . Her parameters during pregnancy were coming normal which was encouraging . Sudhir had also left his job as banker and was running his consultancy from home to be with Megha who was fighting her battle of survival of three souls as new baby could also be in risk in case of any complicacy .
When she was taken to nursing home on the day of delivery Megha was very firm and kept her smile . There was hope in her eyes of everything going well and she emerging victorious for the sake of her Rati. She kissed Rati before going to operation theatre and then Sudhir kissed her forehead and wished her best of luck for final stage of her battle .
After one hour, he was again kissing her cheeks which were ice cold . However the smile on the face was still there . Smile of been in position to save two out of three lives at stakes . Rati was crying inconsolably and so was her brother who had arrived only half an hour back .
Rati did get well after treatment and life moved on in Megha Niwas where only nameplate hanging on door is …..Megha and Family.