Medicines shortage in GMC

Refer the news item “GMC facing acute shortage” DE dated 23/04/2019, which has the tendency to take away the peace of mind instantly, of a common person, and at the same time compels him or her to introspect that in case of illness or any untoward incident, the prestigious Medical college hospital will not be able to cure as the most crucial “Emergency” department is bereft of essential or common medicines and medical apparatus.
This is the height of non seriousness or casual approach and shockingly comes from the high ranking officials from the hospital and state administration, more shocking is the fact that it took almost 45 days for the Principal’s office to constitute a 06 member team to hold an inside enquiry for the possible cause of fire, yet no attempt was made to make up for the contingency or call for a buffer stock from the government drug store, at least for the exclusive use in the Emergency ward.
Medical College Hospital’s failure to act, post fire incident points to a systemic deficiency in public healthcare delivery, which is saddled with problems of mismanagement and inadequate periodic forecasting, including disaster management – infrastructure and human.
Also, the crime branch needs to do a thorough investigation, since, it serves the justice to the common people of our region, for whom ,the life line has been rendered non functional, it can be a handiwork of certain elements who do not wish to have this hospital work smoothly. Periodically, we are also, receiving the news via this paper about the road accident victims being referred to the medical college for extensive and specialised treatment, but in the absence of even the basic facilities, particularly in Emergency ward,God, knows what fate has in store for them.
The concerned officials are requested to rise from their slumber and take cognizance of the matter with a practical solution, particularly, the concept of having an effective buffer stock for Emergency purposes with a fire and heat insulated modern store rooms should be constructed, a computer data base should be maintained to have a first hand count of the requirements and well planned periodic forecasting should be made compulsory at least, twice a year. It is high time people’s health is placed above political agenda and hollow rhetoric.
Susheel Tikoo
AL Khuwair


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