Mayawati asks states to implement reservation in promotion policy as per SC direction

LUCKNOW, June 6:
Accusing the BJP of shedding ”crocodile tears” in the name of Dalits, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati on Wednesday asked all the states to implement reservation in promotion policy for the Dalit community following Supreme Court’s direction.
“The Narendra Modi Government was acting like the previous Congress Governments by indirectly blocking the way for implementation of the reservation in promotion policy due to their anti-Dalit mentality,” she alleged, while adding that the BJP was just indulging in cheap politics like the Congress on the name of Dalits but doing nothing for them. In a statement here on Wednesday, Ms Mayawati said that the reservation in promotion amendment bill  has been struck in Parliament  and its fate seems like the Lok Pal bill.” Even after  Bill’s passage by the Rajya Sabha, it has been struck in  Lok Sabha where the BJP has the majority,” she said. Alleging that the rights of the Dalits are being taken away by the present BJP Government, she said that the vacant posts of the SC/ST are still vacant in several departments besides several thousands have been reverted after the reservation in promotion has been withdrawn by some states.
The BSP president’s statement comes after SC directed the Centre to  go ahead in the promotion in reservation policy till a final judgement was given on the issue. (UNI)


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