Maternity & Childcare Hospital Noorbagh awaits up-gradation

Maternity & Childcare hospital Noorbagh in Srinagar.
Maternity & Childcare hospital Noorbagh in Srinagar.

Waseem Ahmad
Srinagar, Jan 14: Inordinate delay in the upgrading of a 30-bedded Maternity and Childcare Hospital in Noorbagh area of Srinagar is causing huge inconvenience to the residents of the area.
Locals lamented that despite the completion of construction work, authorities are yet to provide required staff to the hospital. They said in 2007 the construction work on the Hospital was started near Gulshan area of Noorbagh but the authorities failed to make the hospital functional even after 10 years since the work was started.
“After waiting for 10 years, we received a partially functional hospital that fails to cater to huge rush of patients. The Government has made fun of our miseries”, Abrar Wani, a local said.
Wani further said that inadequate infrastructure hampered the delivery of health care services and forcing people to cover long distances for treatment.
They said the hospital is partially functional and authorities are indifferent towards their problems. “A decade has passed since the work on the hospital was started but it is still not properly functional. They only provide OPD services in the hospital and we have to consult different hospitals for further treatment,” Parveena Akhter, a patient visiting the hospital said.
Shahbaz Ahmad, a local, said that they have to face immense hardships due to lack of facilities at the hospital. “Authorities had just made a concrete structure here and they are not bothered about its functioning. It would have been better if the hospital will be properly functional as there is no other maternity or childcare hospital in nearby area,” he said
He added that there are only two doctors and a couple of paramedics working in the hospital that showed the seriousness of the authorities towards the health care sector in the State.
Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman, while confirming the partial functioning of the hospital, said that its up-gradation is pending and human resource has not been created yet. “The hospital is working partially and there is a shortage of staff there. Government is working on the proposal of creation of posts for the hospital and the problem will be soon solved,” he said.