Massage for a healthy lifestyle

B P Kamal
The world is drifting away from being natural to more mechanical forms. In the course of our daily routine, we are not able to do justice with our bodies and mind which need some soothing and relaxing moments. Either the body or the mind get extra tired or underused every day.
A tired body and underused body both affect the healthy functioning of the mind. It lands us into underperformance in an activity we undertake. Especially peace of mind is affected to a greater degree.
In a series of our earlier write up on meditation, “meditation through music”, “sleeping meditation”, “exercising body and mind”, “meditation through playing games”, “meditating hobbies”, “meditation through feeding animals”, “be the child again” have been suggested.
One other pleasurable option is complete scientific body massage for all age groups and genders. Body massage is a magic soother to one’s devil mind and tired and torn out body. If massaged scientifically as suggested in this column it can help soothe the aching muscles, loosen the tight body and bring it back to normalcy, avoid lumbago and rheumatic pains, increase healthy blood supply to every organ of the body, add on to ones biological ages, keep one young profiled for longer time, add on to natural body immunity, wrinkle-free for long years from natural ageing other than meditation aim of keeping mind under check and absorbed in pleasurable process of magic massage.
To exercise it as an option for controlled meditation through pleasure and touch get a body massage from an expert. A full massage as researched by the author in intensive research, studies and veracious learning is a gateway to heaven and fitness. It keeps the body paralysis free and more vigorous in the longer run. It is advocated strongly for people suffering from minor paralysis in any part of the body.
Head and hair massage to start with from vertical up to down is the first salient aspect in body massage. The gentle massage induces sleep-like state which is closer to a perfect state of body-mind away from distractions. The head and the hair lubricated with some fine Spanish oils can make the massage linger on for longer time without damage to hair and skull pulp and add on to some seductive pleasure. 5-10 minutes on head and hair can be optimum in a 60 minutes complete body massage.
Ear, nose, throat, neck along with the face massage with some light cream or light oil are other such areas which work wonders against ageing. It other than increasing efficiency of external organs prevents wrinkles on one’s face by lubricating the skin and keeping it supple and moist for longer times even against continuous drying and degeneration of it by use of best of soaps and body washes. Ears and back of neck massage are some of the G Spots (Good spots) which trigger orgasm like enjoyable pleasure. The other areas to be covered in this region are forehead, temples, eyes, eyes brow, cheeks, chins, lips and hindneck.
Next in line is the responsible shoulders and the arms. 5-10 minutes of kneading and normal massage of shoulder and arms can improve the efficiency of forearms, biceps, radius ulna and upper arms.
Legs massage include hind legs hamstring muscles, hind knees, calf muscles, shin bones, tibia fibula and can render the power and energy to one’s legs, making it firm, attractive and help all in taking off minor arthritis and if done regularly can help in keeping it away for more years.
Other than the massages of the above body organs and parts certain parts and organs have been clubbed by the author for special massage for ease and understanding and execution of this massage process. The massage of these special organs and parts cater for healthy functioning of them thus avoiding the risks of cardio, psychological, blood circular, joint pains and nervous system break down.
Cardiac area needs light and gentle massage from right to left vertical clockwise. The spiral cardiac massage on heart site and little adjoining area can improve blood filtration, regulate blood pressure and supply thus strengthening the cardiac muscles and heart in particular.
It can increase the blood supply to unblock the mild blocks in the first instance and later remove the remaining arteries and veins triglycerides congestion if practised regularly. For better effects, cardio patents are advised daily cardio massage with dosage prescribed by the cardiologist initially and dosage free after least 30 days.
The logic behind the above process is that it warms up the area with repeated spiral motions and thus increases blood pressure for some time to exert extra force on less than fully block or narrow space left arteries and in turn burn the fat.
Hands and feet’s can be clubbed with massage of entire arms and legs section respectively or massaged separately at the end of the massage as per one’s liking. Hands and feet carry the nerve endings of the entire body as per the acupressure technique where it is believed and to some extent researched and found correct by the author that all body organs of the body can be serviced and tuned by applying pressure at those spots. Many of the problems related to the body if not beyond treatment stage can be set right by massage and acupressure massage at the careers of nerve endings in the form of hands and feet. Include these pressure areas as gentle massage points as a natural tonic for better functioning of the body. These are the nerve ending massage therapies which work wonders for complete body and mind fitness and keeps every one disease-free.
Knees and elbows are 2 such joints which need special massage with thumb or finger ends in a spiralling motion. It strengthens ligaments, makes it more flexible and enables joints to be more workable and pain-free.
It is very important to maintain correct pressure per square inch [PSI] when undergoing complete body massage. Cardiac area, knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, knuckle, finger joints of hands and feet, uterus or area around groins, testicles etc needs less PSI whereas strong muscles or muscular regions, back, arms, fibula, shoulders, legs, shins etc needs more PSI.
The golden thumb rule is to follow the grain of the body and massage the body in one direction only that is from top to bottom to avoid any injuries by hair bruises, uprooting and better servicing of muscles. Massage needs to be in one direction only as suggested for better body affects.
A complete 1 hour of massage once in a week with 30 minutes of light sunbathing like this is a gateway for heavenly fits bodies and minds. The beautiful good spots [G spots] of the body can be titillated or massaged lovingly for more meditative and pleasurable effects. So next time should one go for the idea of meditation going for complete scientific comprehensive body massage is one of the choices available to you.
(The author is Colonel (Retd)