Masrat release: Jammu Lawyers suspend work in courts

JAMMU :  The lawyers in all the sub-ordinate courts, including Jammu and Kashmir High Court, today suspended the work against the release of hardline separatist Masrat Alam here.    Advocates, under the banner of Bar Association of Jammu (BAJ), abstained from the work.
The officer bearers under the presidentship of Abhinav Sharma condemned the release of Masarat Alam and the seditious statement made by him after the release.
“Bar Association, Jammu is taking a very serious view of the release and has decided to suspend the work in the High Court, sub-ordinate Courts and tribunals,” Mr Sharma told UNI.    He termed the release unfortunate and demanded the re-arrest of  Alam.
Meanwhile, visitors faced hard times due to day-long strike in the courts.


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