Marilyn Manson dedicates song to his father

LONDON, Nov 8:  Rock singer Marilyn Manson has dedicated the title track of his album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ to his father.
The 48-year-old singer said the song from his new album is a tribute to his dad, Hugh Warner, who passed away in 2014, reported Contactmusic.
“The record was just finished, for the most part, the day before I flew to see him. And I wasn’t expecting him to be as ill as he was. He died within an hour of me seeing him. I think he was waiting for me. I didn’t get to play him the record. I got to tell him I loved him and say goodbye.
“I dedicated this record to my father. And, sadly, I dedicated the last record to my mother, who was dying. So, it’s an in-between situation,” he said. (PTI)