Man arrested for smoking onboard Air India flight

MUMBAI, May 27: One person has been arrested for allegedly smoking inside a Jaipur-Mumbai flight, officials said here on Monday.
The accused, identified as Arjun Thalore, 34, a resident of Rajasthan, was arrested by the Sahar police and later released on bail.
According to the police report, the incident occurred on May 25. Thalore was on board Air India flight AI 15.670, which took off from Jaipur. During the journey, Thalore was found smoking in the lavatory, causing the sensor to go off.
A senior crew member immediately approached the lavatory, knocked on the door, and opened it from outside, discovering Thalore smoking inside. Upon seeing the crew member, Thalore immediately came out of the lavatory and returned to his seat.
The flight landed in Mumbai, and the crew handed Thalore over to the Air India security department.
The security staff then brought him to the Sahar police station, where a case was filed against him under Indian Penal Code Section 336 (act endangering life) as well as Provision 25 (smoking in aircraft) of the Aircraft Act. (UNI)