Make Jammu Railway Station a model station

Looking to ever increasing number of passengers , usually the bulk thereof being for religious pilgrimage to holy town of Katra and even seasonal rush for the holy Amarnath Cave in Kashmir coupled with other tourists, Jammu Railway Station is more or less looking in a mess, is heavily overcrowded, whatever space available at platforms is occupied by waiting passengers etc making movement of people and luggage etc difficult – all requiring innovation, expansion and modernisation of this important Railway Station.
Though having been identified by the Railways Ministry as requiring an overhaul or a massive re-development under PP Mode, yet no headway seems to have been made except occasionally some minor patch working approach. De-congestion, adequate lighting and illuminating system, separate arrival and departure lounges and cleanliness are immediate issues needing attention on priority. It is really nauseous like right from entering the station area right up to reaching platforms. It is quite satisfying that Divisional Commissioner Jammu has personally taken stock of the existing facilities for the travelling passengers at the station and the levels of ”progress” the proposed developmental plan is making. We expect the proposed much hyped redevelopment project of the station to work and with speed so as to make Jammu Railway Station like what most of the developed Railway Stations look like as for instance the new Jaipur Railway Station, the CST Mumbai Railway station and the like.