Make CCTVs functional

When militants indulge in cowardly acts of violence and disturbing peace and equilibrium, perhaps the “put on alert” situation remains active for a few days which fizzles away in intensity and magnitude thereafter. Hardly do we find a foolproof system of security audit being done periodically and at times with the element of surprise in Jammu city and other vulnerable parts including most frequented Railway Station and bus depots to test the readiness of the security and surveillance lodgings. While the authorities must clarify the position in this regard, at the same time should be a drive on constant basis to fix and put in order those CCTVs which are installed at strategic points in the city but are found non-functional? Else, what could be the utility and the benefits of such installations?
It is a cause of concern that only a fraction of the installed Closed Circuit Television Cameras are keeping surveillance in Jammu to meet the security concerns and most of them are at times found non functional. The scenario is no better in and around Railway Station too and the quality of output of images etc is found below required levels of interpretation and use. It has been found otherwise by the security agencies in most of the cases across the country where acts of violence or any undesirable activities were executed, the perpetrators knew about the status of installed cameras. Who is otherwise in charge of this important part of maintaining non-stop surveillance and why should there be any sort of scrambling and confusion among various branches of security like police, the intelligence and other related agencies in ensuring timely repairs and maintenance is the moot question.
In today’s era of sales and salesmanship, post sales and installation services form an inseparable part of sale and in most of the cases, the vendors are bound by provisions of contract or an MoU and in the instant case, we suppose that part might have been taken care of. The fact, however, remains that not only the installed CCTVs must be kept prim, running, well maintained and functional but a survey made to find other areas, places, locations and installations where these devices are required to be positioned. If reports are any indicators of a sort of laxity and lackadaisical approach towards the issue of sensitive nature, at least 70 locations in the city are in dire need of such devices to be ensconced. Let the authorities concerned themselves make a comparison between the number of installations, the requirement thereof by adopting quite reasonable assessment procedures and those installed in perfect working conditions and see how security risks could loom large in absence of these cameras as, for obvious reason we would not like to reveal the exact number. Periodic professional check-ups and inspections, the angle of positioning, whether exposed to the heat of the sunlight, if protected from rains etc and related functional requirements must be ensured to be examined and a proper record and follow-up maintained. It is beyond any realms of ifs and buts that the firm and well organised security apparatus should always rule the roost so as to thwart and pre-empt any misadventure of mischief doers, saboteurs and those indulging in spreading terror and violence.