Major terror plot thwarted

An organised terror network with stretched wings beyond Jammu and Kashmir up to Rajasthan which had diabolic plans to trigger series of sensational terror strikes not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in other cities as well, has surfaced, thanks to the major crackdown by the National Investigation Agency against those suspected to be actually involved in it. If the scenario of such seditious, anti national and anti people terror agenda is analysed it will be observed that not only in Jammu and Kashmir but the same is sought to be extended beyond to undermine the confidence of the people and create scare to serve a known anti India agenda of the forces active from across the border. Why has such an agenda been upped and what are the reasons need all to be seen from various aspects. Has this all got to do something with the developments which took place in Afghanistan last year when US forces withdrew from Afghanistan back home leaving a trail of mess behind in the shape of abandoning its huge arsenal which was found to be quite in serviceable condition? Reports that many Afghan terrorists were seen quite active and perhaps pursuing some assigned agenda in PoK, cannot be just brushed aside by this side unless there were confirmed reports on the contrary to entire satisfaction of Indian security apparatus. However, there are certain pertinent questions arising in the context of the unearthing recently of the major terror plot as the one under reference.
Are there plans to replenish fast dwindling weapons with the residual militant forces still active in parts of Kashmir, even beyond- like in Rajouri etc in Jammu region? Have all those terror training camps in PoK been re-opened which had been smashed as a result of Indian surgical strikes, for training of fresh terrorists to be pumped into Kashmir? Recent recovery and later diffusing large quantity of IED from a location in Delhi could also be linked to a wider plan of creating disturbances across many cities besides those of Jammu and Kashmir. In fact, confirmed reports are about many terror launching pads having turned active from across the border where nearly 150 terrorists are active and waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and to infiltrate into this side. Not only are, in the terror plot which has been unearthed, active terrorists but sponsors and over ground active workers involved as well , 28 of whom having been arrested. That indicates, perhaps, the terror links being with such dimensions of length and breadth so as to be a cause of concern, necessitating taking vigorous steps to further strengthening the security and intelligence structure to pre-empt and thwart any misadventure by these terrorists at the behest of the sponsors and facilitators from across the border.
Recovering incriminating documents and digital devices in good measure could lead the investigating agencies to know more about the nuts and bolts of the entire plot that had the satanic objective of rattling with violent acts various parts of the Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi and other cities across the country. Possibility of the operation of the funds route through Hawala network and all those connected therewith to help execution of sensational violent plans of creating large-scale violence, also need to be probed into.
It is absolutely clear and evident beyond any scope of doubt that there was a direct and very active backing of Pakistan to all these terror outfits active in Jammu and Kashmir and those working as sleeping cells in some other cities mainly in New Delhi to keep its proxy war going on unabatedly virtually on a continuous basis. On the other hand, the fact of the matter is that the security forces have been able to break the backbone of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and having been dealing with those, taking to guns at the behest of Pakistan, very effectively . Searches conducted by the NIA personnel after specific inputs at different places, included on the one hand Sopore, Budgam, Shopian, Kupwara, Ganderbal etc in Kashmir division , while on the other hand , in Kalakote in Rajouri in Jammu region and Jodhpur in Rajasthan state indicating the extent of the demoniacal and wicked terror plan to spill blood of the innocents and damage properties.
While very timely action, based on confirmed intelligence inputs , taken by the NIA in unearthing the major terror plot by various terror outfits and their affiliates , deserves all admiration , at the same time, we have to bear this fact in mind that Pakistan has its avowed policy to keep on sponsoring , promoting, actively helping, indoctrinating and supporting terrorism and rolling out terrorists from its soil including from the PoK . We, therefore, need to be more vigilant and high in preparedness always to frustrate , thwart and nip in the bud any plots like the one done , under reference.