Majestic Mysore Palace to get patent

MYSORE, Sept 16: If any one wants to use a picture of the century-old iconic Amba Vilas Palace, better known as Mysore Palace, mostly the illuminated one, in advertisements and promotions, he has to got permission of the Palace Board, the caretaker of the architectural marvel.

The Board is planning to get a patent for the majestic property to protect its sanctity as a heritage structure and avoid ‘aimless’ use of the picture for commercial purposes that does not suit its heritage image.

The board sources told UNI that it had appointed an agent, as required under the law, to pursue its plan of patenting the palace with the Patent Office at Chennai, which comes under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, government of India.

The idea of getting patent rights on Palace pictures sprouted after a European company attempted to use the Palace lighting in an advertisement for their liquor brand and sought permission for an ad-shoot, without disclosing the theme of their ad-film.

As per the script of the ad-film, the dazzling lights of the Palace come on after a man has a swig of the liquor in the Palace garden.

The European company’s argument was that the Mysore Palace would get more publicity through the advertisement.

Palace Board Deputy Director T.S. Subrahmanya, who grew suspicious about the European company’s activities, questioned their intentions behind shooting at the Palace premises. However, when he did not get a satisfactory reply, Subrahmanya cancelled the permission to shoot.

Exasperated at this, the filming company said would use the numerous photos of the Palace available on the internet.

Sanjay, a software professional in Mysore, has been appointed as the ‘patent agent’ of the palace and he will get an honorarium from the board for his service.

“We do not know whether this immovable property can be patented. Nevertheless, we are awaiting a reply from the competent authorities since the online registration of our request has been made. Based on their reply, we shall proceed with the matter,” he added.

The beauty of the structure comes alive when over a lakh bulbs are switched on. The palace illumination has remained a mascot for the tourism industry for several decades.

With nearly 30 lakh tourists visiting the city last year, the palace, which is in its centenary year, continues to attract a record number of visitors. Recently, a liquor manufacturer from abroad sought the board’s permission for featuring the illuminated palace in the backdrop of an advertisement promoting its product.

“We denied permission as the palace has a history and tradition, and many rituals are performed there during Dasara,” Mr Subramanya said.

“The Board has no objection over pictures of the Palace being  used with good intentions. But we will definitely pull up those who misuse them either with malicious intentions or with commercial interests,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Amba Vilas Palace website www.Mysorepalace.Gov.In) would be upgraded with 3D  compliance.

The project would be launching before Dasara and it was an attempt to adopt the latest technology to promote the palace. Said Subramanya.

Sanjay Ahuja of Software Guru, which is implementing the project, said the 3D enabled website would require the visitor to have a 3D-compliant monitor and 3D vision glasses.

The new website would feature all intricate designs of the palace as well as the temples inside the fort area in 3D. We have already taken 1,066 photographs using a special camera, Mr. Ahuja explained.

Every pillar in the Durbar and marriage halls, paintings, carvings and doors, have been photographed. The icing on the cake is the 3D view of the illuminated palace. Introduction of 3D video with commentary in various languages, is also being planned.



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