Maintenance of each MP flat costs Rs 2.95 lakhs a year

NEW DELHI, Aug 13: The average annual cost of maintenance of each flat in North and South Avenues meant for Members of Parliament is Rs 2.95 lakhs, Lok Sabha was informed today.
The expenditure incurred per year on the maintenance of the MPs’ flats in South and North Avenues per year since 2011-12 has been Rs 17.50 cr, Rs 18.28 cr and Rs 20.45 cr respectively, Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu said in a written reply.
He said an expenditure of Rs 3.52 cr has been incurred during April-July 2014 for the maintenance of the flats.
Naidu stated that there are a total of 62,952 dwelling units under Type-I to Type-VIII categories General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) in Delhi for allocation to central government employees.
These include-56,261 under Type-I to Type-IV, 183 (Type-VII) and 125 (Type-VIII).
Minister said that out of turn allotment ranged from 1.19 per cent in respect of Type-I to Type-IV accommodation and 4.37 per cent in case of Type-VA category.
Naidu further said that housing shortage in Delhi is estimated to be about 24 lakh units and Delhi Development Authority alone will not be able to provide such a large requirement of housing here.
He said that DDA has recently announced Land Pooling Policy through which substantial number of dwelling units are likely to be made available.
The Minister also informed that DDA intends to launch a housing scheme in the current year wherein around 25,000 flats, majority of which will be in the affordable housing category will be made available. (PTI)


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