Maintaining Revenue records

Refer news item ‘Finally, Govt issues order for maintaining Revenue records in demystified manner’ DE Nov 9, 2019.
This is a welcome development that English language will be used in Revenue records to maintain transparency. This will help common man to understand the nature of Revenue records- whether they are genuine or fraud. Most of the times common man would feel quite apprehensive while signing any document written in cryptic language known only to Revenue authorities. It is very well stated in the news item “that use of cryptic and archaic terms/numerals in the construction and maintenance of the revenue records was leading to monoprolizing the information and consequent misuse at the cost of the haples citizens”.
This step should have been taken much earlier for the sake of people who were not familiar with this cryptic language.
However, one is satisfied with this development and can be termed in the manner ‘Better later than never’.
Veer Singh