I lost my way a little bit: Ryan Murphy on ‘Glee’

LOS ANGELES, June 11: Writer Ryan Murphy said he “lost” his way with “Glee” after he started paying attention to social media commentary about the series.
The 52-year-old creator believes the earlier seasons of the show resonated with the audience as the team created it “in a bubble”.
“My favourite seasons of ‘Glee’ were 1 and 2. We really created them in a bubble, and we didn’t care what other people thought, and we made it for us. And then what happened with me is, the show became a phenomenon,” Murphy told EW.
“It was the first time ever that I got sucked into that fan social media stuff. Then, you would read about who people would like, and I think that I lost my way a little bit,” the scribe added.
Murphy then went on to make shows such as “American Crime Story” and “American Horror Story”. He said he took lessons from “Glee” and promises not to be swayed away in case of his new show “Pose”.
“I’m not doing that in this (‘Pose’). If I was influenced by those other things, then I don’t think (writer/producers) Steven Canals and Janet Mock and Our Lady J would ever let me, anyway. So I feel like there’s just more checks and balances in place with this show,” he said. (PTI)