Long distance trains for promoting tourism

Since from lot many circles , voices and suggestions having been coming intermittently for employing innovative measures for promoting State tourism in Jammu and Kashmir , Governor’s Administration has decided to arrange collaboration with the Indian Railways as a mode of publicity . In the absence of a formal State Tourism Policy which should have , at least by now, seen the light of the day as a vision document to connect the dots laid down by the professionals and the experts in consultation with the main stake holders, at least in fragmentation even, if some innovative and new ideas were tried to promote State tourism , it was definitely a welcome step. The premise or the edifice of the whole issue is a hidden and potential scope in phenomenal proportions in all the three regions of the State for building a firm niche for the State tourism not only in the country but even on the world map.
However, the decision of the Jammu and Kashmir Government in proposing to using the services of the Indian Railways with a vast network of its passenger services through long distance fast running trains by exhibiting publicity material to reach the connecting destinations and all places en-route and to pass repeatedly through the attention of the travelling public, will surely result in the spurt in the turnout of the tourists which was laced with a deep link with the State economy and employment avenues. One cardinal factor has got to be kept ingrained in the minds while formulating economic policies for the State that the same revolved around how they were eco-friendly and environmentally non disturbing as natural bounties in abundance in the State could result into being the single most giant factor endowment of economic turnaround on sustainable manner . In other words , more stress on industrialization should not be at the top of priorities at the cost of the optimum exploitation and exploration of our tourism related resources and products.
A properly planned footfall in tourism can result in more tourists to visit all the three regions resulting in huge economic turnover and spreading of more tourism related activities and consequent economic prosperity because of its diversity. Let the tourism be taken in the strict commercial sense as to how this industry could register constant growth and contribute to the State GDP. Brands , products , destinations, historical and social background, uniqueness and specialities, ancillary facilities , bookings and tariffs like important advertising material and information , all professionally prepared and carried by the Indian Railways, could make a difference in its own right.
Let the idea flower in a way to reap the expected dividends. In this connection, data compilation should be a prelude to formation of brand schemes. State Publicity Committee headed by host of State authorities from Tourism, Information and Public Relations , Tourism Development Corporation etc should , in the same way, devise other innovative ways to bring home to the intending tourists what best in comparison, Jammu and Kashmir was going to provide to them. A MoU to be signed with the Indian Railways should have the provision of flexibility to extend the idea , in addition to two long distance trains , to some other trains gradually as well especially the likes of the newly introduced Tejas and other luxury trains. States like Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal , Tamil Nadu , NCR, etc should be specially focussed on and potential of tourists there from fully tapped . It is imperative to keep on reviewing the success of and the areas of weaknesses in the investment of this innovative idea under reference, for obvious reasons.