Lockdown deaths and emotional pains

Not only on losing near and dear ones as a result of horrendous and cruel corona virus pandemic but even in natural and non Corona virus deaths, associated feelings too on various counts are aching and paining the next of kin and close blood relations. It is always the wish of everyone to breathe one’s last in the presence of family members and deserving to be accorded due social , religious and ritual approbation and deference. It is customary and a tradition as a matter of faith to have the ashes of the departed soul immersed in the Holy Ganga river but the lockdown restrictions and absence of proper transport facility , in almost all the cases , ashes cannot be immersed there but in the Chenab river. This is such a feeling which depicts emotional pain on account of non fulfilment of an obligation on the son /daughter or the nearest relative of the deceased due to circumstantial and associated limitations.
Not only this, most of the sons , daughters etc and nearest relatives cannot reach the place where death occurs due to being under lockdown restrictions outside the town . Even relatives living in the same city presently are unable to offer condolences in person , partly due to fear . The fact of the matter , not striking a pessimist note, is that corona virus pandemic has brought out such a change in social relations that perhaps we may have to live with it for quite some time more . However, in majority of the cases, we are also overreacting and exhibiting undue fears even after taking due precautions of physical distancing and masking nose and mouth. Immersing ashes of the departed ones however have therefore too to be subjected to changed conditions which we have got to be adjusted with.