Locals raise voice over poor condition of Chenab Bridge

A view of dilapidated Chenab Bridge at Reasi.
A view of dilapidated Chenab Bridge at Reasi.

Excelsior Correspondent

REASI, Sept 25: Locals of Reasi and its adjoining areas today criticised the Public Works Department for delaying repairing of the Chenab Bridge.
They claimed that the bridge was constructed in the year of 1965 and the same bridge itself witnessed many wars between India and Pakistan. The Indian army have to use this bridge to reach at border areas’ post but due to lackadaisical approach of the department concerned the repairing of the bridge and its connecting roads delayed,” they said.
The dilapidated condition of the road and bridge can be gauged from the fact that potholes have been developed on the bridge posing threat to human lives but the department concerned seems least bothered about it. “The local administration was apprised of the issue on various occasion but nothing fruitful emerged,” they said.
They appealed the Lieutenant Governor to pass direction the department concerned for its early repairing.