Live Life Vastu Way

Aarushi Sadhotra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science and art, which is gaining lots of importance these days. Vastu shastra emphasises on the positive and negative vibrations released by the environment around us and works towards balancing those energies. Energies, not just includes the Earth¡¦s energies but also the energies released from cosmos i.e. stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids and majorly the sun. Though Vastu shastra is primarily about balancing the 5 elements- Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire, however these principles get affected by the cosmic energy and telluric energy. Science behind Vastu philosophy is really interesting and art to balance the energies of five elements is astonishing. Designing a home as per Vastu rules is no difficult task but to balance energies in a house which is not as per Vastu rules becomes little challenging but it is interesting and fascinating to see this ancient art working with perfect logics to sate the reservations of present generation, who needs scientific logic behind everything. Vastu divides every house in 9 parts, and every part is given a particular element to rule therein. All these 9 parts corresponds to the 9 aspects of life and depending upon the energy present in these parts, inmates will be effected.
North, also known as the wealth direction is of utmost importance and should be open and wide with placement of light stuff only. Toilets should be avoided in this direction. Fish Aquarium should be kept in this direction to boost the energy. Aquarium can also be placed in East and North-East direction. North-East the most pious zones of the house should be kept clean all the time, this direction represents success and progress. Pooja-room, South-East, the ideal direction for kitchen, Gym or hot boilers. South-East ruled by planet Venus which represents women. Any defect in this zone can adversely affect the women of the Brahamsthan (1/3rd of the built up area)
North 0„a
North-East 45„a
East 90„a
South-East 135„a
South 180„a
South-West 225„a
West 270„a
North-West 315„a
house, specifically the eldest one. South to be used to make toilets and South-west for the bedroom for the head of the family. A pit in south-west or slope towards that zone will suppress away all the positivity of that corner. Keep this corner heavy to balance the earth energy of this Zone. North-west zone is related to marketing activities, travels and also personal contacts. North-west with air element brings networking luck in the form of powerful people, helpful people and most of all, friends to support you in your business life. Keeping aromatic plants enhances energy of this corner. Here are few more rules if followed religiously will bring happiness, health and prosperity to your life.
Key rule : Keep your house clutter free. Be it a cupboard, Kitchen, Fridge, kids study table, store room or your bedroom. There should not be any unwanted, unused item. In Vastu, it is believed a decluttered house will bring clarity of mind and calmness in inmates¡¦ life. It¡¦s a proven fact that a clean place is always a place with high energy level, hence health and sound mind in such house is inevitable which will ensure good days. So declutter your house occasionally but surely.
Role of Plants: Plants play a major role in balancing and maintaining the positive energies in your house. With recent discoveries about health benefits of specific plants, few plants have been given great importance in Vastu Science. Though plants and trees like Cactus, Banyan, creepers should be avoided within premises. You can plant Asoka tree, Snake plant, Spider plant, Peace lily, Palm tree, Money plant. Tulsi is the must have plant in every household due to its medicinal properties and should be placed in East of your house.
Role of Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Brown, Blue or White every color has its own energy and effects the inmates accordingly. Colors could be used in the form of Upholstery, Paintings and Artifacts, flowers and wallpaper etc. Vibrant, Soothing or pleasant colours scheme in your house can help to create a smooth harmony between family members. Red shades denote happiness, warmth and strength. Yellow shades denote power and tranquillity, Green represents development and growth, Blue is the color for calmness and hope, where as white/off-white adds to peace, happiness and creates a smooth environment in your house. However, every colour has a specific direction. Orientation of house and climate of the region plays an extensive role in deciding the dominant color of your house. Natural crystals like citrine stone, quartz crystals, and black tourmaline can also be used to augment financial prosperity. Most of the new apartments can use crystals as a quick vastu correction.