Live for now…

Gehna Kochhar
No treasure is beautiful
Than being born as a human.
The biggest blessing
Amongst the chaos,
Is to be able to live itself.
Crying over the things that ruined your past, or worrying over the things about your future, will only limit the endless happy moments and cheesy smiles, your present holds for you.
Someone rightly said, “smile while you still have teeth, god knows when you’ll grow old and lose them.”
“Make your present special, be silly, and follow your heart, take the risks if it makes you happy, live it all, before life takes it all away.”
Not always can life be alluring,
It can be dejected too,
In fact,
It is mysterious.
We never know when we’ll have to let go off the hands that fit perfectly into ours,
Of the family that gave us life,
Of all the things that made us smile at least once in our lifetime…
Make each moment worth capturing,
Spread smiles every day,
Wake up each day
With a ray a hope,
That no matter what,
“My life is beautiful, and I won’t let its beauty fade.”
I have seen days that made me feel sick,
But I have seen days that made me feel on the top of the world as well,
The days that made my life better by just spreading smiles,
Everything dies one day,
Nothing is eternal,
Except for hope,
Because hope is what keeps us alive,
Even when everything else dies.
“Jo karna chahte ho kar lo,
Because regret failure se zyada hurt karta hai.”
Before life takes you on an invisible journey,
Where you’ll be the deceased hero,
Be the real heroes,
Who lived their lives
For themselves
With utmost passion..
“Zindagi ajeeb hai,
Kabhi rulati hai toh kabhi hasaati hai,
Par sabse zyada ladhna seekha jaati hai.”
“Kab Janam lena hai,
Ya Kab Marna hai,
Yeh hum decide nahi karte,
But kaise jeena hai,
Yeh hum decide karte hai.”


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