Linking rivers can be a solution to water shortage and floods: Gadkari

NEW DELHI: Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari suggested today that linking rivers could be one of the solutions to the problem of water shortage in some areas and may also help in dealing with floods in others.

He said issues related to availability and sharing of riverwaters are one of the biggest problems in the country and many states are under stress, litigating against each other.

Speaking at the National Water Symposium organised by Shiv Nadar University in Delhi, he said India – as a whole – has been unsuccessful in creating lasting solutions to water disputes.

“It is time that we explore all avenues using technology, to conserve ground water, and the Government is committed to playing a constructive role in this,” Gadkari said.

“We believe that river linking projects, could be one of the solutions to the problem that we face. The water storage in rivers also needs to be addressed to reduce flooding and also ensuring that surplus water during monsoon does not get wasted by going into seas,” the Minister said. (AGENCIES)