Life paralyzed in valley

Unrest has gripped the life in the valley for last four days in the aftermath of a fire that gutted the wooden structure of Dastgir Sahib Shrine in Khanyar Srinagar. Fortunately valuable relics have been protected. The keepers of the shrine displayed relics to the media so that devotees and the rest of the people are in no doubt that the relics are not safe. It is also said that the fire first appeared from the top balcony of the structure. Investigation of this tragic incident is going on at government level and the report is expected any day. Senior ministers have visited the site and expressed their anguish and the CM has assured that the Government in collaboration with Awqaf will undertake reconstruction of the gutted complex to its full glory. This shows that entire State is concerned about the happening and is determined to restore its glory. The fire was a natural calamity and human beings have no control on nature but only they can change and adapt themselves to the changed circumstances. There seems no need to continue with strikes, shutdowns and indulging in minor or major acts of violence. Unscrupulous political activists would like to draw mileage from the surcharged emotions of people. This should not happen. It causes great loss to the toiling masses. Senior and sensible social figures must issue a joint appeal for maintaining peace and people should desist from taking law in their hands. The State is very much conscious of its responsibilities in such circumstances.


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