Life is for ‘ full living”

Name of the Book Jeeyo Yeh Jiwan Hai( Hindi book)
Author Anju Sehgal Gupta
Publishers Author herself

This 35-pages book in Hindi by budding but promising writer, Anju Sehgal Gupta is focussed treatise on the purposeful and profitable life with practising art and technique of living. It is a way forward for living a stable and sweet life by the common citizens, male or female.
In her own style and with simple language, Anju Gupta has put across her ideas from her head and heart very efficiently and effectively. As one starts reading the book, one gets absorbed so much that one would like to finish it to the end word. The message becomes loud and clear to every average reader in no time and that is the merit of the subject and the art of writing of Anju Sehgal Gupta.
I have gone through this book and found it interesting and informative. It imparts some very useful ” tips” for fully “living” the god-gifted life and underlines the importance of relationships as well as sound principles and suitable practices. She is follower of ” Art of Living” and has indelible experiences the gist of which finds place in her maiden publication. She holds that life is journey from birth to death with all sorts of experiences. One has to to be positive and constantly practise codes of life and make it useful for god’s creatures. She has touched numerous topics and sections of society to ” preach the message of healthful, happy and full life through suitable principles and practices.
The budding writer, a daughter of the soil, completed graduation and belongs to a leading 4th generation business of “Pratap Shoes having chain of its outlers in City of Temples. In an interview, she talked about her bent of mind to pursue the art of living through her literary expression. She claimed support of all her entire family including, Rohit Gupta, husband and also two sons and one daughter. She said that the family cooperation has resulted in this maiden writing venture and more may be expected in time to.come.