Let’s spread positivity

Year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and each and every person is expecting nothing but the best out of the new year 2021. With vaccination in place, looks like this year might turn out to be a better one in comparison to 2020.
However, should we all just sit and witness the year unfolding or can we really do something to make it better? It is often said that “happy start leads to happy ending”, we might not have control over everything in life, but there are things which are well in control, we just have to put in little effort and happiness and health is sure to follow. Following basic ideologies of Vastu Shastra is one way we can spread positivity in and around us. Let’s implement them in our lives and welcome year 2021 with good vibes.
Pleasure of giving
Feel as much joy in giving, as much you feel while receiving something. Start with giving away things which are in good condition but you may not need it, or things which have been lying unused for past one year. Give with lot of best wishes to someone who would be able to use it in a much better way. When you give, you make space for new things and opportunities to come your way.
Rearrange Furniture
Sounds like too much work, but worth a try. Beds, sofa, Tv units, Chester are few things, which once placed are not moved for years together. Negative energy keeps stagnating under and around them. End of the year is a good time to slightly move this heavy furniture, clean the area and place them back. This will ensure removal of negativity in form of dust and webs and free flow of positive and fresh energies in your house. You will have to do it to feel the difference.
Turtles for Good luck
Turtles are considered very auspicious in Vastu. They signify endurance and stability. Placing turtle in a water bowl in North direction brings wealth, keeping in east direction brings prosperity and placing it in south direction helps with good family relations and stability in life. Using them in pair is recommended.
Make a green Zone
Plants are a good source of positivity but one must know what plant to grow in which direction. Tall, thick trees should be planted in south and west and small height plants should be planted in north and east. Tulsi is one, must have plant for every household and should be kept in east or northeast. Ficus should be grown in south, money plant in south-east and jade should be kept in northwest direction.
Minimal electronics
There should not be any place for electronics in your bedroom. Mobile, Tv, laptops, Tab, computers should have a separate place outside your bedroom.
Education tower for kids Thinking of giving something to your kids on the new year’s occasion. Gift then a crystal education tower or crystal pyramid or clear quartz. Keeping them on study table is going to improve their focus on studies. Let them face east while studying.
Clean Northeast
North-east is the powerhouse of any house. It carries all the positivity inside a house. It should be absolutely clean, clutter free and light weighted. Having a balcony in this direction is considered very auspicious. A water body here increases positivity of the house manifolds.
Aroma oil
Aroma oil diffuser should be used in the southeast corner of the house. Camphor can also be used instead of aroma oil.
Sea salt
Sea salt is a quick fix item in vastu and carries lot of importance. It is the best negativity absorber and should be kept in toilets and all the dark corners of the house. This can also be used in water while mopping.
Heavy and light weight rule
South and west directions should be kept heavy by placing heavy furniture and fixtures there. Dark colors too represent heaviness and can be used in south or west directions. East and north directions should be kept light, so should be free from beds, cupboards etc.
Internal Vastu
Internal vastu refers to balancing energies inside human body. Having a vastu compliant house is not a tough job. Difficult is to harmonies energies within our body. Living in Vastu compliant house is going to be beneficial for us, but balanced 5 elements in our body is going to allow us to enjoy those benefits. Regular pranayama, yog, meditation, prayers, mantra chanting are few things if followed religiously, builds up immunity against negativity.
Whole universe is energy, each and everything we keep in our house brings-in energy with it. Vastu enlightens us with the things and right directions for the placement of things to harness positivity from it.