Legal protection to whistleblowers

Whistleblowers are doing a marvellous job in exposing acts of irregular and corrupt practices in the administrative system in order to make anti corruption movement any meaningful. It is they who bring into the domain of the concerned authorities which could be called pointed and cogent information about corrupt and underhand practices. Since the internal vigilance and watch system of the State Administration is found wanting in efficacy and strength and hence very poor information reaching the designated centres, it is the whistleblowers who do the full job.
Of and on, we find their vulnerability and exposure to the extent of jeopardy of their safety and security hence a dire need to have a proper and well defined protection accorded to them. In fact, looking to the nature of their services, they should get even better treatment and consideration from the State Administration. Their contribution is needed to be duly recognised and the good news about them is that from November 1, 2019 on account of applicability of the Central laws , they would stand to gain to the extent of enjoying legal protection as Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are becoming Union Territories from that date. Corruption has got to be fought to the finish in this part of the country with full zeal and determination.