Laws of Karma

Col Kamal Nane Padha
God has created this universe in such a way that no one with flesh and blood is ever happy, satisfied and contended all the time. All creation such as plants, reptiles, birds, four legged animals and humans have to undergo pain and pleasure during the course of their lives. No one is always happy and no one is sad all the time. Few days of happiness then some problems and the cycle goes on and on till the soul departs from this world- THIS IS REALITY OF LIFE. These pain and pleasures in our life are result of ones own “doings” or karmas. Our actions “Karmas” good or bad become our destiny. The good “Karmas” give us pleasures and happiness and the bad “Karmas’’, give us sorrow and grief. In this creation all living species are categorised into five Categories depending on the five elements. (The five elements are :- Fire, Water , Earth, Air and Sky). Plants have only one element therefore they are at the bottom of creation. Reptiles have two elements, they are in second level. Birds have three elements and they are at third level. Four legged animals have four elements therefore they are at fourth level. Only humans have all five elements fully developed in them. That is why they are at the top of the creation-‘NAR NARAYAN’. As good as God. Only humans have a distinctive advantage where they are Karma yogis and Bhog Yogis. They are undergoing the result of their previous births in Karmas and also creating new Karmas.
* Here God has given us, the humans the power to discriminate between good and bad. This power is called the ‘Sky’ element’. This elements also helps to know the difference between the good “Karmas”and bad”Karmas”.
* If someone performs good “Karmas” with noble intentions for others then he/she is entitled for reaping the fruits in the form of happiness, success, pleasures to himself and for those whom he/she is immediately attached.
* On the other hand if someone knowing or deliberately does bad “Karmas,” with bad intentions to others then, he/she earns for himself/herself and for those close ones the pain and sufferings.
This pain and pleasure that we get is the result of our own Karmas . That is why we continue to suffer.
How, strange? Today’s world or even in the past there are numerous examples where kings/emperors, and other humans have sutfered or gained glory due to Karmas.
But not many people grasp this simple aspect. Once this simple aspect is understood, life becomes easy and meaningful.
* If God Almighty has created this world and He has fixed certain laws/principles to regulate/efficiently run it. Here in this universe where the time is measured by billions of years and distance by light years – our human existence is of 70 – 80 years is just a fraction of a time. Saints constantly remind us to do good Karmas – that is realising supreme power – God; otherwise one has to repent and suffer when the time is up. No one knows what will happen next moment. So, now is the time, tomorrow may be too late.
Karma here means doing good or bad through action, word or speech or by thinking.
Karma can be performed by above three ways which over a period of time comes back with interest good or bad.
No one can escape this. No witness or lawyer can be bribed in HIS COURT OF JUSTICE
(The author is an expert Motivational speaker)