Law panel for simultaneous polls but seeks more public debate

NEW DELHI: A day ahead of expiry of its term, the Law Commission today endorsed the Modi Government’s proposal to hold simultaneous polls to Lok Sabha and state assemblies, saying it will prevent the country from being in constant election mode, but it sought further public discourse on the issue before arriving at a final decision.

The panel in its draft report also said the exercise cannot be held in the present constitutional framework, and suggested changes required to carry out the two sets of polls together.

“Simultaneous polls would save public money, help reduce the burden on administrative setup and security forces and ensure better implementation of Government policies…If simultaneous polls are held, the administrative machinery of the country will be continuously engaged in developmental activities, rather than in electioneering,” the panel said.

The draft report along with an appeal was put in public domain seeking views from all stakeholders on holding simultaneous elections to the LS  and state assemblies, except in Jammu and Kashmir. A copy of the report has also been submitted to the Government. (AGENCIES)