Law Commission sans members

While on the one hand , Jammu and Kashmir Law Commission has been given responsibilities of reviewing and suggesting repealing of obsolete laws, simplification of procedures , reduce and eliminate technicalities, updating Statute Book etc on the other hand, it is kept bereft of the main infrastructure of full and part time members on it being not appointed so far. This shows only the non seriousness of the government towards the issue.
It was envisaged that the said Law Commission would have a term of three years consisting of a full time Chairperson, two full time members , two part time members and secretary , Department of Law , Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. With the intensity of purpose initially shown in formation of the Law Commission and the first ever Chairperson appointed nearly one and a half year after the constitution of it , and nearly after another year , no action is initiated towards appointment of full time and part time members on it, the entire purpose seems to be getting relegated to background . Not that there was any dearth of the talent , expertise and meeting the eligibility criteria in Jammu and Kashmir but what was in utter rampancy was the political and administrative will resulting in the ‘lameness ‘ of the Law Commission. Could the UT Government make the Law Commission fully workable and more relevant by appointing members on it, at an early date?