Launching of stand off anti tank missile

Having the capabilities of destroying enemy’s targets within a range of 10 kilometres, India test fired very successfully indigenously manufactured helicopter launched stand -off anti tank (SANT) missile. It denotes that one more step has been taken towards indigenousness of our weapons system and that too in advanced missile technology with integrated software. The mission of self reliance or ”Atmanirbharta”, in defence requirements of the country, is thus gaining more and more ground. That in its test firing by the DRDO, cent percent success was achieved, vindicates the capabilities of our missile scientists and technicians to be second to none in the world.
This missile can be launched against land and sea based targets. It is worth noting that such weaponry having the advantage that not only it strikes with all precision but can be launched from a distance sufficient to allow attacking personnel to evade defensive fire by the enemy from the target area, is one of the essential requirements in ”taking care” of small range enemy targets. It is worth noting that the one under reference is the third in the series of indigenous stand -off weapons to be successfully test fired and has, therefore, bolstered the indigenous defence capabilities of the country.