Laudable action of Traffic Department

As every one knows about an alarming situation of traffic chaos in the Jammu city, which attracts an immediate attention of the Government and other concerned agencies. Though there are a number of factors responsible for the present situation, but the main ones include an encroachment of already narrow roads, menace of parking of private vehicles on the road side, and a frequent halting of matadors at any place where they find passengers and grossly ignoring to halt at fixed stops. Under such circumstances, the Traffic Department is left with one of the alternatives and that is of diverting the traffic of public transport from heavily rushed routes towards less traffic burdened ones, if available, which was done recently by diverting the matadors of Bantalab-Amphala route, the impact of the same is quite satisfactory.
Though, it may cause an inconvenience in one or the other way to some but they must welcome such actions for the interests of the general public and monitoring of traffic system in the city Though, the action of diverting of routes is quite a temporary remedy for controlling the traffic jams etc, therefore, the Government should come out with a concrete policy on priority basis to find out a permanent solution to it, which requires immediate widening of existing roads, construction of flyovers, construction of paid parking zones on area basis and a regular vigilance on traffic movements by the concerned traffic personnel.
Further, it is a matter of great satisfaction that the Government has recently announced some harder punitive measures for controlling the rampant violation of traffic rules.
I also make an appeal to the citizens of the state to cooperate with the traffic department and follow the rules strictly for the benefit of the society and one’s own self.
Prof.P.K.Koul (Retd.Principal)
Consumer Activist
Roop Nagar