Lal Singh holds public meetings, reiterates CBI probe demand

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, May 12: Making a scathing attack on State Government and Kashmir centric leadership, former Forest Minister and senior BJP leader, Ch Lal Singh today warned that no body will be allowed to hit the Dogra pride and prestige.
Ch Lal Singh who addressed largely attended public meetings at Purmandal Morh, Birpur, Meen Chadka, Raya and Bagana said that attempts have been made to play with the honour and prestige of valiant Dogras of Jammu by Kashmir centric leaders after labeling them murderers and rapists and “we will not rest till this label is removed’’.
He said the sentiments of Dogra community have been hurt after they were dubbed as criminals by Kashmiri leadership. He demanded only CBI probe into Rassana kidnapping and murder case will unravel the facts and the Dogras will continue their struggle till it is taken to logical conclusion.
Lal Singh, while questioning the stoic silence maintained by Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti over the issue who according to him opposed the CBI probe into the matter said it was Mehbooba Mufti who had demanded CBI probe against two police officers when she was in opposition in rape and murder case against them when both of these officers were also in judicial custody at that time.
The BJP leader said after the order of CBI case in the matter both the officers were absolved of the charge. When at that time CBI probe was genuine then what is the problem in ordering a CBI probe as demanded by the people of Jammu region in the matter, he added.
Lal Sing said this way deliberate attempt is being made to disturb the peace in Jammu region. He said not only the Jammu people have been dubbed as criminals but the lawyers were also kept in the same category and this can’t be tolerated any more.
Ch Lal Singh said that the CBI probe is the only solution to the problem as it will unravel the facts and agitated people of Jammu will heave a sigh of relief. He warned that the movement launched by the people of Jammu in this regard will continue till they get justice.


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