Ladakh issues Tourism Policy

Now that Ladakh is a Union Territory and has the local bureaucracy quite conversant with peculiarity of its vast tourism sector, it was likely that a Ladakh region centric policy for promotion of tourism would be issued which would be a blue print for the UT Government to pursue a policy aimed at preserving, promoting and encouraging the unique but rich Ladakhi culture which was manifest in the tourism sector significantly. Accordingly, its 1st Tourism Home Stay Policy which got due approval of the Lieutenant Governor has been issued.
Previously, the then State Tourism Department of the whole state was not that responsive to the aspirations as well as the needs of the vast tourism sector with its various facets including adventurous tourism of Ladakh and now, hopefully, this sector shall be receiving pointed attention by the UT Government there. Forgetting about centres which are urban centric and a few known spots of tourism alone, rural tourism had equally amazing spots and places to be enjoyed to be visited and a bit of investment coupled with awareness would result in reaping of good dividends. The policy as such is aiming at a holistic approach towards local tourism.