Kovind asks docs to adopt practices from US medical system

MUMBAI: Lauding the slew of initiatives undertaken by American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) in the country, President Ram Nath Kovind on Friday said there are templates from the US that can be adapted for the benefit of patients here.

He cited the example of the system of first responders and paramedics that is well developed in US and said it can help meet a medical situation at a very early stage and save lives as well prevent the need for more complicated interventions.

“This is a mechanism the Government has been working hard to put in place in India as well,” he said at the XII Global Health Care Summit here.

Noting that the association has imparted first responder training in several states of the country, including Maharashtra, he said ,”such training can be of immense use after road accidents or when dealing with an emergency. I would urge you to take this process further and deeper, especially in rural areas, where there may be a considerable distance between the patient and a well-equipped multi-speciality hospital.”

Likening public health and its provision to a perfect triangle of quality, cost and access, he said one of the ways it can be achieved is by building alliances, between doctors and patient groups, between civil society and industry, between researchers and practitioners and ultimately between countries. (AGENCIES)