Killing the Villain Within

Col Shiv Choudhary

Human history has known many times of uncertainties and difficulties. The upside of it is that when we go through such times ourselves, we can look back and learn from the experience of the wise people. Whether it’s the general atmosphere that caused failures to some or efforts made by others to overcome failures, let us look at some inspiring words on how mind and actions when put together can unleash the inner force to turn one from nowhere to everywhere or from self doubt to most confident personality.
We all know that none is a born hero, champion, topper or a gold digger. It is all a result of concerted efforts, positive attitude, setting of goals, clarity, focus and striving towards the big dreams. Towards this, a small step in the right direction is better than taking no steps. An action to set a goal leading to success is better than total inaction. Similarly, accepting failure is better than befooling oneself ignorantly. After all gathering needed will power is always best than collecting bits.
“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy” – Dale Carnegie
The question arises how confident are you in your life ? Are you as confident as you would like to be? We all exude confidence for a short time, but will a temporary solution bring an everlasting solution. One needs to destroy all doubts and self limiting factors to stand atop the rest. With the building of self-confidence, the life around too gets built up. And with this, the new challenges get surpassed without any if and buts leading from ‘runner up to champions’.
In the prevailing free social media era, it is so easy to receive and forward motivational quotes, advisory, counselling and free floating mentoring than applying the same upon self to turn from negativity to positivity, pessimism to optimism, failure to success, cheer leaders to the leaders, and finally from zero to hero. A wise person jumps on motivation when it hits most. He uses such burst of motivation to get something done without winking an eye lid. Success seeker builds a habits on daily basis without worrying about the attached cost and time needed. He trains his mind consistently for achieving biggest goals.
To be a successful individual, you don’t need correct answers to the complex questions. You need to be ready with the answers without knowing the questions. The choice of tools and methods too don’t matter. You don’t need a guru or a mentor either. You only require the will power to change, look within, shake yourself up, and experience of repeated failures. It implies habits of readying and meeting the challenges is must to turn a new leaf.
Hard times and inner self should not be allowed to kill dreams. These are like thunders making a lot of noise with little or no harm. Leaders never fear hard times and they do what is needed. They hate letting their head down, giving up or grieve over defeats. They don’t dance when sun shines or curse when it is cloudy. They generate opportunities and celebrate only after availing them.
Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. There is nothing more resilient in this universe than the human spirit. This human spirit can help one only to move forward. One must remember that neither all the efforts lead to gold mine, nor do they get rewarded. The reward is in the journey, not the destination. One may pour every penny into something that could yields zero results.
One cannot have a podium finish without practices. Going from zero to hero usually never works the first time. This is real life, and not a virtual movie. One needs to take deliberate steps without waiting for something to happen. It is best to focus on self development with single minded devotion and consistent efforts. The investment on self-development will definitely reap rich rewards. Investment as such is made up of time, intent, training, efforts and fire in the belly.
Achieving the success you want first starts with an honest analysis of gaps between where you are and your defined goals. Drop the expectations from others to avoid disappointment. Make sure each relationship you build is a win for the other side too. Knowing when to quit or change mid course is a very important skill that every person should develop. You can be empathic to others or expect people to be sympathetic to you, the choice of destination is in your own hands.
If you’re making a beginning to success, just remember that many successful people started from the same point. Hindrances and struggles should not stop you; instead embolden you. Sophie Bennett was deep in debt and couldn’t figure out how to change her position. But she had an incentive to change her financial pitfalls. This led her to become a millionaire in seven years of error and trial. She wrote that one must observe and emulate what successful people do.
No single key set applies to all the locks, unless all locks are circumstantially same. Everyone has to set own goals and processes. These processes become your solutions to work further. One does not have to figure out everything on his own, you can emulate. Repeat what others have done before you in a unique way.
Achieving greatness and happiness is neither mundane, nor magical. There are many rags to riches stories to take inspiration from. One is used to believe that success is an outcome of extremely large achievements. One may believe that his spouse, kids, friends, and others are all capable of great things. But when one estimates his own capability for greatness, one is likely to understate it, as so many do. Self-discipline and urge will drive one to magical momentum, pursuit of happiness and ultimate dream. One got to dream and protect it if you want fulfil it.
From Zero to Hero is a long but a successful process. The process involves defining purpose, patience and roadmap to winnability. This is critical as no success can be seen unless its format is logically shaped. No efforts yield results unless the efforts made are visibly well designed and motive driven to beat potential competitors. No amount of zeal, ideas and planning are sufficient unless each step is consciously timed.
Anyone keen to make it big or win at bigger games, must have ideas. Must appreciate the art of learning new skills, tactics, solution finding and specifics works culture supported with technology. Once ideas are finally crystalized for a big jump, implement the same and close the door for comments. Work on with single mind. Story of turning failure to success will be on full stage. This is the aah moment and this will separate one who makes it big or one gets lost in oblivion.
One observes a range of perspectives on learning to change from current state of mediocracy to a state of competency. Some feel that they have “acquired” and are no more interested in moving upwards. Some self-seeking people spend a lot of time and effort pursuing training to change their fortune. The reality lies in constantly resetting priorities and goals. This helps one prioritize for personal growth and professional development.
What does an adult need to move to big success. Psychologist Noel Burch has suggested model of Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence and Unconscious Competence. All in their summarised form entail aspects like what holds people back despite confidence exceeding their abilities , gaining mastery of a skill, need of psychometric tests, performance reviews, professional assessments, effective feedback and support system. People’s confidence surely improvs with concentration and intention to perform. Whatever, one must guard against complacency to reach a stage where application of skills is automatic, comprehension is high and learning becomes great strength.
All the stages are interconnected where learning is a journey, not a destination. Those who want to change from cheering to leading must build their focus, sharpen skills, build knowledge, set priorities, act confidentially and finally determined for a big stage. World is full of people who have made from no where to everywhere, nothing to everything, novices to champions’ and finally oblivious to prominence. They did, so could the current young generations. Let no villain within hold you and kill your dreams. So shall you sow thy shall reap.