Kill stress before it kills you

Razia Patel
Lifestyle and stress-related diseases such as high cholesterol, blood pressure heart disease and diabetes, are becoming more common. Besides, personal stress and commitments also affect a persons mental and physical well-being.
This has prompted a number of organisations to start programs for their employees with an aim to prevent health problems and cure existing ones.
One such program is the Tibetan yoga that has gained popularity as an effective exercise as well as a means to de-stress.
Traditional Indian yoga has many asanas which take months to master and at least 45 minutes to practice every day. Tibetan lamas -experimented with these asanas , modified them & came up with 5 of the best exercises which they called the Five Tibetan Rites.They practiced them to stay young & live a long healthy life
Tibetan Yoga became popular in US after Peter Kelder wrote the book Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth in 1930, recording the experiences of his friend who spent two years with the Lamas in Tibet, did 5 rites and returned with his arthritis and eyesight improved.
What makes this form of exercise relevant even today is that it takes only 3 hours to learn & practicing it takes only 15 minutes and so more professionals are turning to the Tibetan rites which can be done at any time and anywhere.
The Five Rites attract the universal energy into our body, balancing the seven chakras which promote the free flow of prana (chi energy), revitalizing the body and mind. They activate endocrine glands and regulate hormonal output.
Comprising five yoga-like exercises and an energizing breathing technique, these rites blend ancient practices and modern needs — improves circulation, boosts the immune system and improves the absorption of nutrients and removal of wastes, improves the functioning of the digestive, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and lymphatic systems. It keeps diabetes and weight in check, improves sleep and relieves backache, arthritis pain and depression.
Your body& mind gets stronger so you do not suffer the detrimental effects of stress.
These simple, yet powerful exercises can be done by anyone from age 8 to 80 years.


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