Khan arrested, sentenced to 3 years in jail

Former Pak PM Imran Khan arrested after being sentenced to 3 years in jail.
Former Pak PM Imran Khan arrested after being sentenced to 3 years in jail.


Imran Khan was arrested today after the embattled former Pakistan Prime Minister was found guilty in a high-profile corruption trial and sentenced to three years in prison, a verdict that disqualified him for five years from holding any public office.
Additional Judge Humayun Dilawar of the Islamabad-based district and sessions court found Khan, 70, guilty of unlawfully selling state gifts during his tenure as prime minister from 2018 to 2022.
The unexpected developments came as Pakistan is heading for general elections later this year, with the current National Assembly set to complete its term on August 12.
The judge also imposed a fine of Rs 100,000 on Khan, adding that the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party would be kept in jail for another six months if failed to pay the fine.
Khan has been “found guilty of corrupt practices by hiding the benefits he acquired from the national Exchequer willfully and intentionally. He cheated while providing information about gifts he obtained from the Toshakhana which later proved to be false and inaccurate. His dishonesty has been established beyond doubt,” the order said.
The Toshakhana is a department under the Cabinet Division that stores gifts given to rulers and government officials by heads of other governments and foreign dignitaries.
The court convicted the cricketer-turned-politician under Section 174 of the Election Act 2017 and sentenced him to three years of simple imprisonment.
Saturday’s verdict centred on charges that Khan incorrectly declared details of presents from foreign dignitaries and proceeds from their alleged sale.
According to reports, Khan received 58 gifts worth more than Rs 140 million from world leaders during his three-and-a-half-year stint and retained all of them either by paying a negligible amount or even without any payment. (PTI)