Khajuria visits rain affected areas

MLA, Ashok Khajuria and JMC Commissioner K L Khajuria during their visit to Kali Jani area on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 25: BJP National Executive and MLA East Ashok Khajuria visited Kali Jani, Fattu Chugan, Moti Bazar and Pacca Danga areas of old city to make an on the spot assessment of the damage caused by continuous monsoon rains over the past one week.
He was accompanied by Jammu District BJP president Rajesh Gupta, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) Commissioner KL Khajuria, XEn Thapa, AEE Paramjeet Singh, CTO Deepak, Satish, senior officers of JMC, Dr Vinod Magotra, Tara Chand, etc.
Ashok Khajuria also visited the house in Kali Jani which had got totally damaged due to rain and the only occupant of the house was a destitute widow who had no body to take care of her. Khajuria promised to provide every possible relief to her and also called upon the administration including Municipal Corporation to take immediate steps for reconstruction of the house and till then provide alternative shelter to the affected lady.
Khajuria assailed the NC-Congress coalition for its callous attitude towards the damage caused by the rains and the Government’s inability to foresee the possible consequences of monsoon rain occurring year after year.
He directed BJP activists of Jammu East Mandal to be in regular touch with the victims of rain disaster and give feed back on daily basis regarding relief provided to them.


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