Keep universities apolitical

According to an estimate there are about 20000 big and small universities producing capable doctors, engineers, lawyers, diplomats bureaucrats, administrators and principled politicians since their establishment in the country. The products of our universities have proved that they are second to none in the world as compared to their capability, vision and dedication for work. There has always been a craze to be called a student of the prestigious universities like JNU, Jamia Milia and AMU. The ruling political parties at Delhi, along with their accomplices from the leftists, in order to achieve their ill conceived and mischievously designed plans, granted undesired liberty and laxity to the students of the universities falling under their jurisdiction and made them the weapon for their personal use. Till 2014 parliamentary elections these univerisities behaved like the sleeping volcano but suddenly exploded with a bang after the defeat of their masters. In order to show their loyalty and faithfulness to their masters they spared no occasion of cursing, abusing and downgrading the prestige of their own country by shouting anti India slogans. Whether the occasion pertained to the Afzal Gurus hanging or their resentment after the passing of CAA bill in the both house of Parliament.
These campuses reverberated with anti-India slogans like Free Kashmir, Jinah Wali Azadi, Bharat Tere Tukde.. Afzal Hum Sharminda Hain Tere Qati Zinda Hain, Azadi Azadi…. Theses piercing slogans really hurt the sentiments of Indians. The man in the streets wants to know from these students as to what type of Azadi they crave for. Is it not sufficient that you are spared and excused for the heinous and seditious crimes and hatching the conspiracies against your own country. It is advisable that they should not fall in the trap because these political parties can go to the extent of selling the interest and honour of the country to gain power. It will be quite in the interest of the country to let these universities function as hubs of knowledge and not the dens of social disturbances.
Shiv Kumar Padha