Keep maintaining Police Martyrs Memorial Chowk Udhampur

Really a great feeling that we the Udhampurites in our historic city on the bank of Holy Devika are now having a public chowk in the name of “Police Martyrs” who laid their “Today” for our “Tomorrow”. The beautifully designed Memorial was inaugurated by Dy Commissioner Udhampur Indu Kanwal Chib on 21st of October 2021 at erstwhile Domail Chowk Udhampur. The Public Chowk’s new name “Police Martyrs’ Memorial Chowk” has not only raised its status but also Udhampur city’s to higher levels.
The artistically built “Police Martyrs’ Memorial” with pleasant fountain provision in the lap of green lush Gangera Hill has added much charm and significance to the spacious chowk. The Civil and Police Administration both have done a too noble act that is commendable from all angles. It is indeed a dignified, patriotic and proud gift to Udhampur city.
The spacious and high status chowk, which is largest one within Udhampur Municipal limits should from now onwards be maintained and beautified and developed into a Model Chowk. It should remain free of every kind of encroachment, water stagnation, heaps of garbage etc. The electric poles should also be re-arranged. Precisely every nook and corner of the chowk needs upgradation, levelling of uneven spots and renovation of broken and choked drains flowing over to chowk from far off lanes and roads around. Particularly, the rains make the situation grim.
It is also pertinent to mention that if the chowk is upgraded accordingly and made congestion free the much painful and unsafe vehicular traffic scenario here would also improve and become smooth. It is the only solution to the frequent traffic jams at the chowk which is the confluence of 5 vehicular roads viz (i) Jammu road (ii) Dhar Road (iii) Srinagar Road (iv) Housing Colony Road and (v) VIP Road connecting Subash Stadium Udhampur and New National Highway. In fact, because of wide stretched length and breadth of the chowk there is much scope of its overall development and beautification. Hence, the concerned quarters’ keen and co-ordinated attention is solicited towards the “Police Martyrs’ Memorial Chowk” Udhampur.
Swatantra Dev Kotwal
District Udhampur (JKUT)
1/226 Subash Nagar Udhampur

Shortage of drinking water in Panjgrain
I want to draw your kind attention towards non-availability of drinking water in my Ward No. 5 (Karlah) since independence. The people of my ward have to fetch drinking water from two kilometre distance. The only available source of water is the nearby pond. But the water is unsuitable for human consumption.
So, it is requested to the concerned officials to kindly look into the matter and do the needful at an earliest.
Pooja Devi
Panch Ward No. 5
Pyt. Halqa Panjgrain,
Block Chanunta
Ramnagar, Udhampur

Scarcity of drinking water in Jawahar Nagar
We the residents of Sub-Lane Jawahar Nagar, Talab Tillo Jammu are facing acute shortage of drinking water for the last few months. We get water supply once in a week, which is a matter of grave concern.
The concerned authority is requested to look into the matter and supply the drinking water atleast two times in a day so that the inhabitants of the said lane may not suffer further.
Roshan Lal Raina
Sub-Lane Jawahar Nagar,
Talab Tillo, Jammu

Streamline traffic on Talab Tillo road
This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the heavy traffic rush on Talab Tillo (Bohri) road.
This road of great importance remain choc-a-block with traffic throughout day and night. One often sees chaotic traffice jams here causing not only inconvenience to commuters and motorists but also consumes lot of time and fuel.
The traffic chaos aggravates due to absence of a divider all along the route. Had there been one, it would make a two way road which can be used for opposite coming vehicles. Otherwise, what happens is that every motorist violates traffic rules, indulges in overtaking, rash drinking and often wants to have escape space to speed away. With the result, traffic becomes chaotic and problematic for pedestrians.
To avoid such a situation, it is requested that the road be partitioned for coming and going vehicles, so that traffic is streamlined.
Sudesh Sharma
Talab Tiloo

Expedite work on Jammu-Akhnoor road
I would like to highlight the pain which most of the Jammuites, suffer on account of bad condition of Jammu-Akhnoor road, which is a busy stretch of Jammu-Poonch National Highway. Since last few years our Union Government has been announcing various projects for developing the road infrastructure of J and K, but unfortunately it seems that projects which have been undertaken so far have not been completed whether it’s long pending Jammu Srinagar Highway or Jammu Srinagar Railway line or more recent a 25 kms Jammu-Akhnoor road widening and others.
It can be understood that task of Jammu Srinagar Highway or Railway line is a challenging task which may take one more decade but surprisingly Jammu Akhnoor Highway road widening has also become so much challenging that it is also heading for timeline of a decade for completion. It is pertinent to mention that the project was started in the year 2016.
Daily during the peak hours the commuters using this road have not only to suffer for hours in traffic jams but also have to inhale polluted air which is two-three times more polluted than air in Delhi post Diwali. Have the local authorities taken into cognisance the pain and health problems of commoners who can’t afford to sit in chauffeur driven AC cars?. Have any measures been taken to prevent such things?. Unfortunately the answer is NO.The deadline of completing this project is being extended during every review meeting but there is no end to that. Administration has never shared the reasons in public domain. Why so and who has permitted the local authorities to play with the life of commoners? Why new projects are being launched when administration’s lackadaisical attitude has not changed?.
Hope the condition of this road may wake up the concerned authorities to the reality.
Rohit Kumar
Domana, Jammu