Kashmiri politicians habitual of dancing to tunes of Pakistan when out of power: Dr Jitendra

Avtar Bhat
KATRA, Feb 10: Lambasting the Kashmir centric political parties and politicians, Union Minister in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh today said that they start singing Pak songs when out of power and swear on the name of India and its Constitution when in power.
The Union Minister was talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here today, held in connection with Basant Panchmi and celebration of 138th birth anniversary of Deen Bandhu, Ch Chhotu Ram. When his attention was turned towards the tweet of former Chief Minister and People’s Democratic Party (PDP), president, Mehbooba Mufti who had said at a time when Pakistan is making laws to safeguard temples in their country, the Indian Muslims are feeling insecure due to the Hindutva politics dominating India’s secular fabric, Dr Jitendra Singh said that there is nothing new in the statement as the Kashmir centric leaders are habitual of making such statements when out of power.
Dr Jitendra Singh, while rejecting the statement of Mehbooba Mufti said it was not only she but even former Chief Minister and president of National Conference (NC), Dr Farooq Abdullah who was on record to state of bombing terrorist camps in Pakistan when he was in power and later showing sympathy towards with terrorists as well as Pakistan after losing power.
He said it was an irony that Kashmir centric politicians when in power were privy to the Government decisions on various anti-terrorist operations and were heading the Unified Command which is empowered to take decisions on anti terrorist operations in the State but soon after being out of power they start speaking language of separatists.
Turning tables on Kashmir centric politicians, Dr Jitendra Singh accused them of introducing culture of opportunism in politics. “When in power they were privy to anti terror decisions and operations and even some of them demanded bombing of terror camps in Pakistan. But after losing power they did not lose a single minute in toeing the separatist line for the vote bank politics”, he added.
The Union Minister However, hastened to say that the present generation of young Kashmiri voters is no longer going to befooled by such blatant duplicity , the sole aim of which has been to retain power within the dynasty and pass it on from one generation to next.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that the younger generation of Kashmir is fully abreast with the same and it has seen through the tricks of these politicians in past. So they will no longer fall in their trap but vote for strengthening the democracy in the State and work for the larger national interests so that they may not lag behind in progress which the other States of country are marching under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
He, while ridiculing the statements of PDP and other Kashmir centric leaders demanding separate divisional status for Pir Panjal and Chenab region said that the Kashmir centric leaders are trying to sow the seeds of poison in the minds of people in Doda and Pir Panjal region by such statements.
He said there was never such demand from the districts of Doda and Ramban which are the part and parcel of Jammu region. This politicking by Kashmir centric leaders is being done in view of coming elections and may be they make more poisonous statements in coming days just for vote bank politics, he added.
On the Mahagatbandan of opposition parties, Dr Jitendra Singh said this is no gatbandan as all the leaders in the gatbandhan are PM aspirants. There is always gatbandan of like minded people and in this case it is a gatbandan against Narendra Modi as they know that they are unable to face him at hustings, he added.
Earlier addressing the function Union Minster paid rich tributes to Ch Chhotu Ram and said that Indian democracy after independence was still under feudalism. He said even after independence people thought that investment should only be made in those institutions which are linked with ruling class.
Dr Jitendra Singh said Ch. Chhotu Ram who was a revolutionary was given the status of Sir by Britishers despite the fact he never compromised with them. But in last 70 years we failed to do any thing for him. He never offered Christmas gifts to Britishers as he was an awakened soul, the Minister added.
Dr Jitendra Singh regretted that the party which ruled the country for over 50 years totally neglected the great revolutionaries like Ch Chhotu Ram, Neta Ji Subash Chander Bose, Sardar Patel and Dr B R Ambedkar and it was only the Government led by Narendra Modi which gave due recognition to these great leaders.
He said there was such a dispensation in the country for last over six decades which never thought it better to construct any memorial in the name of these great revolutionary sons of India. The Union Minister also assured contribution for construction of Community Hall on name of Ch Chhotu Ram at Katra.