Kashmir Sikhs seek share in PM’s package like KPs

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 16: The Sikh community from Kashmir has demanded share in employment and other facilities for the community, being provided by the Central Government  as PM’s special package to the Kashmiri migrants or  others staying there in Valley.
The Sikh Sangat from Kashmir organized 18th annual convention in the winter capital city here where in, delegates from all over state and outside participated.
During deliberations the issues concerning the Sikh community of the State in general and Kashmir valley in particular, were highlighted and discussed. It was voiced with concern that Govt is ignoring Sikh community on all fronts and every time on one or other pretext, their  demands are not considered.
A resolution was adopted on the occasion and the Govt was asked to pay immediate attention for early resolution of these issues concerning Sikh  community. It was voiced with concern   that the Sikh community has been ignored completely by the present as well as previous Governments in the matter of employment. One glaring example of present dispensation is issuance of SRO  425 of  October 10, 2017 where in the PM’s Employment package has been provided to Kashmiri Pandits living in valley, but the educated Sikh youths who are living under similar hostile condition have been ignored. It was strongly pleaded that the Sikh community living in Kashmir valley be included in the package which otherwise is violation of  Article 124 of the Constitution.
It was voiced with concern that Sikh community which is micro-Minority in the state be provided 3% reservation in Government jobs and professional colleges of the State and State Minority Commission be constituted at an earliest so that benefits meant for minorities under constitution are availed by the community.      It was further demanded that “Anand Marriage Act” which was passed by the state assembly way back in 1954 be formed, completed and implemented in the state as it has already been implemented in the other states of the country. They also demanded due representation in Legislature.
It was stressed that after  the lapse of 18 years, the Sikhs are awaiting the outcome of Chattisinghpora & Mahjoor Nagar massacre enquiry report which should have been completed by now. But we are surprised that all the agencies entrusted with the job of enquiry are tight lipped. The  report may be made public and people involved in this genocide be dealt with law of soil. The  Ansari Commission report of 1989 massacre of Jammu should also be made public.
Charanjit Singh Khalsa-MLC,  Sewa Singh (president), Joginder Singh Bali,  Manjit Singh,  Tejwant Singh and  Ajit Singh Mastana also spoke on the occasion.