Kargil as tourist destination

This has reference to the news ‘People want Kargil’ as tourist destination’ DE Sept 11, 2019.
Kargil, one of the two districts of Ladakh division, and known to the world because of Kargil war is indeed a beautiful place in the world. The Kargil district is not only known for its picturesque spots but is also associated with some mythological characters from Mahabharta.
Besides, being strategically important from defense point of view, it is Centrally connected to various regions in the area like Leh, Zanaskar, Gilgit and Baltistan. However, it has not received much attention as a tourist destination as compared to Leh district. One of the reasons could be lack of publicity-electronic and print. There is also lack of infrastructure regarding air and road connectivity. Absence of hotels and lodges in the town prevents tourists from visiting the place.
There is great scope for tourism in the region provided pre-requisites for exploiting the same are fulfilled. Once that is done, Kargil will be one of the favourite tourist destinations in the country.
Mushtaq Ahmed