Kamaleshwar takes up intolerance in next film

Kamaleshwar takes up intolerance in next film
Kamaleshwar takes up intolerance in next film

KOLKATA: ¬†Filmmaker Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, who rose to fame with adventure-drama “Chander Pahar”, will deal with the growing trend of fascism and religious intolerance in his next film “Mukhomukhi”.

Featuring big names of Tollywood, Kamaleshwar has cast director-actor Anjan Dutta in a unique role of “Anyo Manush” (the other man) in the movie.

“In ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara’, I had sought to make certain social comments but the time was different then. ‘Mukhomukhi’ may be called an extension of that journey making it a 21st-century issue-based film,” he said.

“We are hearing and reading about communal flare-ups, farmer suicides, firing and death of innocents during cross border skirmishes, but can we actually do anything? Can we react?” Kamaleshwar said at the location shooting of the film here.

The director said “Mukhomukhi” seeks to hold a mirror before the characters, their conscience and in a part-real, part-imaginary portrayal, Dutta is the conscience of the three protagonists in the movie, including a woman writer, who chronicles the events happening around.

“The film can be called my reply to the rise in fascism in different spheres in our country, the tale of dictatorship and how it leads to crisis situations. It also points out how human relationships are getting affected in the present turn of events as people are getting involved,” Kamaleshwar said.

Dutta said, “The subject is intriguing and there is scope for improvisation every time.”

The film also stars Piku and ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ actor Jisshu Sengupta and Payel Sarkar. (AGENCIES)


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