‘Do Kalakar’ presented at Natrang’s Sunday Theatre

A scene from the play ‘Do Kalakar’.
A scene from the play ‘Do Kalakar’.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 20: “Do Kalakaar”, a play in Hindi written by Bhagwati Charan Verma and directed by Balwant Thakur was staged here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in its weekly Sunday Theatre series.
The play presented the real conditions of the struggling artists in the society. It showed the hardships an artist has to face till he becomes successful and famous. The destination appears glamorous, but the journey is no doubt very tough.
In the play, Churamani and Martand are two friends both are artists (one poet and another painter). They had once aspired to rule the Bollywood with their respective creative strengths. The poet had dreamt of becoming the top Hindi Film lyricist and the painter had set a goal for himself to become the most sought after art director of the tinsel town.
But destiny lands them in a situation where both are forced to use their creative energies in creating situations and cooking stories just to escape the harassment of their landlord who has not been paid the rentals of a dingy room for the last six months.
The play opens at a situation where both the poet and the painter have locked themselves in a room which is being visited by the landlord to collect the rent from them. The landlord forcefully makes his entry despite all-out unsuccessful efforts to hold him back are made by them.
When caught at the corner both take shelter of their creative mind and start cooking highly logical excuses to impress the landlord so he allows them to continue till they are able to realize their unfulfilled dreams. Both sell him the dreams to extent that the room rented out to them will once become a museum which once hosted the great genius of the world of poetry and painting.
Finding the distance beyond measurement between their dreams and the reality, the landlord refuses to buy their arguments and throws them out of the room to face further rejection and dejection of the society. Both the poet and the painter get this realization at this point of the time that despite having a civilization of thousand years at our back this world is not meant for creative people.
The actors who performed in the play were Rajan Thakyal, Mahikshit Singh, Rishav Sharma, Shivam Singh and Vishal Sharma. The lights of the play were executed by Neeraj Kant whereas Sachin Sharma rendered the music of the play. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen and the presentations were done by Nitish Koul.


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